Chief Operating Officer, Vision2000 Travel Group
e-Travel Advisories have long since replaced Timatic as the source for visa and passport requirements at Vision2000.The proven combination of travel risk management Alerts and personalized Traveler Advisories helps us drive significant value to our clients’

President of Cornerstone
 'We are pleased to work with industry leaders such as eTT to provide such an important link in the safety of the traveling public.'

'Combining our GDSX quality control technology with the sophisticated services of e-Travel Technologies is a logical synergy and is another service our agencies will use to retain their clients and win new business.'

Vice President, Point of Sale Marketing, Sabre Travel Network
“Recent events have again reminded us that we live and travel in a global world that requires that we keep our agency partners and their traveling customers keenly aware of events that could impact traveler safety and convenience. e-Travel Advisories provide an easy other way for our agencies to access this important information from their MySabre desktop.”

Director of Sales, GDSX North America
'GDSX is a proud supporter of e-Travel Advisories. The team at e-Travel Technologies do a great job of providing valuable content that translates into safety for our customers who utilize their travel risk management information services.'

President and CEO, UNIGLOBE Travel Inc.
'Partnering with e-Travel Advisories is an important step in adding value as we continue to increase the quality and benefits of our services to our members.'

CEO Total Travel Consulting
'We are delighted to add e-Travel Advisories as a feature within AutoAgent as it gives smaller
agencies the ability to provide their clients with state-of-the-art technology for QC/Fulfillment and Advisories at a controllable price.”                

Director, Travel Product Development, Amex Travel
The user-friendly, concise and current travel advisories have enhanced our service since 1992

Vice President, Carlson Wagonlit Travel 
'We have been subscribing to the product since 1996 and have found it to be of excellent value. My staff uses it frequently- not only for client advisories but also for the up to date information it provides on crisis issues throughout the world. I highly recommend this product.'                         

Director, Information Systems and Technology, Carlson Wagonlit Travel 
We have been using the e-Traveler Advisory service since 1989. Although some legislation mandates that customers be provided with written information, we have used this opportunity to contribute to the successful delivery of value-added services to our corporate and leisure clients.'    

Sears Travel
'We have been using the Advisory service in over 100 stores since 1989. It's such a great tool!

President, Compass Rose TravelPlus
‘Since 1988, our corporate and leisure travellers have come to rely on the e-Travel Advisories they receive from us. e-Travel Advisories give us a tactical advantage by offering customers the information they are seeking.  I wholeheartedly recommend
e-Travel Advisories
as an essential tool for any customer relationship management program in our industry.'

Vice-President, Just Vacations 
'Subscribing since 1997, our customers now associate their e-Traveler Advisory as part of our high level of personalized service.  Counselors are able to quickly and accurately respond to customer inquiries, contributing to front office productivity as well as customer service. We feel it is important in this day and age of services fees and increased competition to demonstrate increased service and value to our clients, e-Travel Advisories are the perfect fit!