N E W S   A N D   P R E S S   R E L E A S E S

Nov. 2015 eTT launches e-Travel Alerts - Security for the latest Security related Alerts affecting Travel.
Nov. 2015 Travel Management Partners (HRG), Raleigh N.C. adds Travel Tracker to its 4th US Government Agency account.
Sept. 2015 eTT subscriber Travel Management Partners of Atlanta GA, signs 4 U.S. Government agencies to Ver 2.0 Traveler Tracker Dashboard.
June 2015 eTT's Cyber Security exceeds industry and government standards – Validation Report
June 2015 TTI Travel (BCD) and Travel-On(Tzell) upgrade to V2 Tracker Dashboard
May 2015 Orion Travelinx, Burlington Ontario signs with eTT
May 2015 Norad Travel, Liss Hampshire UK signs with eTT
May 2015 Travel Leaders Corporate tracking traveling employees with V2 Tracker Dashboard
April 2015 TTI International upgrades to queued PNRs
April 2015 Hickory Global Partners selects e-Travel Technologies - Press Release
Feb 2015 SPS Group, Hereford UK signs with eTT
Jan 2015 ETC Group, Arlington TX signs with eTT
Jan 2015 Storer Travel, Modesto CA signs with eTT
Nov 2014 eTT signs SLA covering all 16 organizations in the Travel Leaders Group
Oct 2014 eTT launches Ebola Travel Alerts service for International Travelers - www.eTravelAlerts.com/Ebola
Oct 2014 Travel Management Partners (HRG), Raleigh N.C. signs with eTT
Oct 2014 Complete Business Travel (Amex) Sydney Australia signs with eTT
Oct 2014 ProTravel (Travel Leaders) New York, US signs with eTT
Sep 2014 Travelport Adds e-Travel Technologies to Roster of Global Duty of Care Solutions - Press Release
Aug 2014 ViaFrance (Amex), Bratislava, Slovakia signs with eTT
Aug 2014 Globelink Travel, Dubai UAE signs with eTT
Jul 2014 Living Abroad, Norwalk, CT signs with eTT
Jun 2014 eTT becomes a registered TravelPort Developer
Jun 2014 eTT chairs Travel Risk Management session at Travel MarketPlace conference in Toronto
Jun 2014 Cisalpina Tours (Rad) Italy signs with eTT
Mar 2014 Sandy Row Travel Management (UK) signs with eTT
Feb 2014 Voyage Manager (UK) reseller signs major security client
Jan 2014 Goligers Travel Plus signs with eTT
Jan 2014 Magna International signs with eTT
Jan 2014 Camelot World Travel, Rockford, Il signs with eTT
Jan 2014 Kintetsu Travel International signs with eTT
Dec 2013 Travel Solutions International signs 35 Agencies for Travel Alerts with eTT reseller ABC Global Services
Oct 2013 Ct Business UK signs with eTT
Sep 2013 New Shan Travel, Singapore signs with eTT
Sep 2013 Peak Travel Group, San Jose, CA signs with eTT
Aug 2013 Boscov’s Travel, PA signs with eTT
Aug 2013  Magna Tech's SafeToGo launches mobile app for Vision200 with eTT eTravel Alerts.
Apr 2013 Travel-On (Amex) signs with eTT
Apr 2013 Travel With Flair, (TSI) South Africa signs with eTT
Apr 2013 eTT in the news - Companies lessen risk for travelling employees
Apr 2013 eTT in the news - TMC sees spike after Boston bombings
Apr 2013 eTT announces reseller agreement with Magna Tech's SafeToGo mobile app.
Apr 2013 eTT attends Uniglobe West annual conference in Vancouver
Mar 2013 VKTravel in Amsterdam signs with eTT
February 2013 McTavish Travel signs with eTT.
February 2013 Menno Travel signs with eTT.
February 2013 Maritime Travel signs with eTT.
February 2013 MTS Travel signs with eTT.
January 2013 Raptim Travel signs with eTT.
January 2013 Corporate Traveller signs with eTT.
January 2013 Christopherson Travel signs multi-year licensing agreement for e-Travel Alerts.
October 2012 Uniglobe Carefree Travel signs with eTT.
July 2012 eTT to attend GBTA in Boston July 22-25.
June 2012 Elison Travel and Canada One Travel sign with eTT
May 2012 eTT attends Radius Travel conference in Berlin May 15-16th
May 2012 eTT presents TRM at Uniglobe Travel Int'l conference in Amsterdam May 11-13th
April 2012 eTT Announces Distribution agreement with FlightStats
April 2012 Business Travel Direct, Uxbridge UK signs with Tracker for NATS (National Air Traffic Services)
April 2012 ett attends Uniglobe Travel West conference in Vancouver April 28-30th.
April 2012 eTT attends GDSX user conference in Dallas on April 18th.
March 2012 Christopherson Business Travel (BCD), Greenwood Village CO signs for auto Alerts.
March 2012 CWT Creative, Stony Creek ON, Canada signs with eTT.
March 2012 CWT Rickert, Regina Sk, Canada signs with eTT.
February 2012 Uniglobe Top Flight, Reading Berkshire, UK signs with eTT.
February 2012 Continent Express (Radius) - Moscow, Russia, signs for auto Alerts, Tracker and home page Ticker.
January 2012 Sean Simmons Travel, Melbourne, Australia signs for automated e-Travel Alerts,Tracker and Marquee.
January 2012 New Wave Travel, Toronto, Canada signs for Premium level services.
January 2012 With the addition of Uniglobe BB Turismo Filial in Rio de Janeiro, eTT now has subscribers on every continent worldwide.
January 2012 Uniglobe BB Turismo Filial Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, signs for e-Travel Alerts and e-Travel Tracker
January 2012 Atlas Travel, Milford, CT, signs for e-Travel Alerts and e-Travel Tracker
January 2012 Club Voyages Princess, Granby, Quebec, signs with eTT
January 2012 Platinum Travel, Victoria, Australia signs with eTT
November 2011 World Tek Travel management, New Haven, CT signs for e-Travel Alerts and e-Travel Tracker
October 2011 Being evaluated by: major airline, large TMC's in UK and middle east, one of the world's largest Intl TMC
September 2011 LXR Travel ,Williamsville, NY, signs with eTT
September 2011 World Business Travel, presents eTT's Travel Risk Mgmt PPT at TSI conference
September 2011 World Business Travel, NSW AU, TSI member, upgrades to Premium level with Travel Tracker
September 2011 TripInsurance.com, CA, first B2C provider to include Travel Alerts with travel insurance
August 2011 Lionel India Travel, Kolata India signs with eTT
August 2011 Tzell Travel Group NW, Portland OR, signs with eTT, via ABC Global Services
July 2011 Avia International, Woodlands TX signs with eTT
June 2011 Servco Group PLC North America signs with eTT
June 2011 World Business Travel, NSW, Australia signs with eTT reseller ABC Global Services
June 2011 RADIUS Global Travel Solutions, Bethesda MD, subscribes to eTT
May 2011 Sandown Travel, South Africa, signs with eTT
May 2011 Travizon Travel, MA, adds first Traveler Tracker corporate acct.
May 2011 Vejle Rejser Travel, Denmark, signs with eTT
May 2011 CWT adds new location in Vancouver
Apr 2011 Uniglobe Beacon, Calgary adds Traveller Tracker corporate acct
Apr 2011 Sea Tours Co, Bangkok, Thailand
Apr 2011 eTT presents Travel Risk Management at Uniglobe members conference in YYR
Apr 2011 TravelOne Inc, Bloomington, MN signs with eTT
Mar 2011 Kinetsu International, Gardena CA signs with eTT
Mar 2011 BCD Travel, Mississauga, ON signs with eTT
Mar 2011 eTT presents Travel Risk Management at Uniglobe Beacon's Customer Advisory Council in YYC
Feb 2011 Sabre to Deliver New Traveler Security Capabilities with eTravel Technologies Agreement.
Jan 2011 Academy Ltd., Katy TX signs with eTT.
Jan 2011 ITS American Express Travel, Irvine CA signs with eTT.
Dec 2010 Campbell resources, Dallas TX signs with eTT.
Nov 2010 Zebrano Travel, Toronto signs with eTT.
Oct 2010 Air Miles Toronto, adds eTT's Advisories and Alerts to their B2C online booking tool.
Oct 2010 PL Worldways Ltd., Bangalore India, signs with eTT
Sep 2010 Mayday 360 Travel Insurance, New York, signs with eTT
Sep 2010 Uniglobe Dahlan Tours and Travel, Jordan, signs with eTT
Sep 2010 Variety Int'l a Uniglobe Global Partner in Bangkok signs with eTT
Sep 2010 CTV News, a CWT inplant registers for e-Travel Alerts
Aug 2010 e-Travel launches new B2C site
Aug 2010 e-Travel Alerts Partners with The Swinden Group
July 2010 Travel GPA Partners with eTT
May 2010 CWT Clarke-Way, Toronto, signs with eTT
Apr 2010 Uniglobe Normark, Toronto, signs with eTT
Mar 2010 Uniglobe AR Group, Sweden, signs with eTT
Mar 2010 Jolly Tours, Cornwall ON, signs with eTT
Feb 2010 Ago Vita social media site signs with eTT
Jan 2010 CAA Atlantic signs all their locations with eTT
Dec 2009 CAA Atlantic Canada Region signs with eTT
Dec 2009 Uniglobe Premier, Ottawa Canada, adds automatic Advisories through GDSX- UQCM
Nov 2009 Roger Bird Wildlife Travel, Katy TX, signs with eTT
Oct 2009 Product update - e-Travel Alerts in English, Spanish and French address industry needs
Oct 2009 e-Travel Technologies attends Vision2000 travel conference
Sep 2009 Travel Resources Ltd in Markham and Vancouver sign with eTT
Sep 2009 e-Travel Technologies participates in Unglobe West annual conference
Aug 2009 e-Travel Technologies attends NBTA conference in San Diego
Aug 2009 Uniglobe GEO adds their first corporate e-Tracker client
Jun 2009 eTT Announces eTravel Tracker for TMC's Corporate Clients.
May 2009 GAMA Corporate Travel, Boca Raton, FL signs with e-Travel Advisories
Mar 2009 e-Travel Technologies Inc today announced that their new International Advisory Database is available
Mar 2009 Uniglobe International selects eTravel Technology as Prefered Supplier
Mar 2009 MedjetAssist Selects e-Travel Advisories
Feb 2009 CAirserve Marine Travel Ltd in Singapore signs with e-Travel Advisories
Jan 2009 Cadillac Travel, Southfield MI signs with e-Travel Advisories
Nov 2008 Uniglobe Beacon Travel, Calgary AB signs with e-Travel Advisories
Oct 2008 e-Travel Technologies Establishes US B2B Operations
Oct 2008 ATCO Travel AB adds automated advisories with iBank
Oct 2008 FCm Bannockburn Il adds automated advisories with iBank
Sep 2008 Travel Counsellors Canada Ltd signs with e-Travel Advisories.
Sep 2008 Uniglobe Strathcona BC signs with eTT and automated advisories with GDSX
Aug 2008 MedJet Assist, Al, signs with ETT to provide Travel Advisory Services to it's subscribers.
Jul 2008 Visit us at NBTA in LA, July 27-30, Booth 2155
Jul 2008 Visit us at NBTA Toronto, April 2-3, Booth 11
Jun 2008 ABC Corporate Services partners with e-Travel Technologies as preferred supplier of travel risk management services to its members
Apr 2008 Uniglobe Travel announces Access More virtual Itinerary with activetravel risk information powered by eTravelAdvisories and Alerts
Mar 2008 Expedia Business Travel Survey cites Security as concern
Mar 2008 Virtuoso signs with eTT to link e-Travel Alerts to their Composer Dashboard on over 5,000 member desktops.
Feb 2008 eTT releases new agent dashboard with real time interactive Alerts map
Jan 2008 Best Travel, Elgrove Village, Il signs withh eTT with
Jan 2008 FCm Bannockburn Travel links to e-Travel Alerts
Dec 2008 eTT releases e-Travel Tracker
Nov 2007 eTT announces e-Travel Alerts interactive "Dashboard" available as a branded service in three languages for TMC's, multinational chains, and/or corporate client desktops and intranets. 
Nov 2007 eTT adds country level Travel Risk Ratings to e-Travel Alerts
Nov 2007 Uniglobe Donaldson signs with eTT with automatic Advisories
Oct 2007 AirMiles Travel, Canada's largest loyalty card, signs with eTT
Sep 2007 Vision2000 Bradfield Travel signs with eTT
Jun 2007 Paull Travel, signs with eTT
Jun 2007 Don Churchill, President of eTT, presentation ,"Travel Risk Management fo TMC's and Corporate Travel Managers"to Canadian Institute of Travel Counsellor's Travel Educator's Update at Ryerson University in Toronto
May 2007 MKI Travel & Conference Management, signs with eTT and automatic Advisories with GDSX
Feb 2007 Uniglobe At Best Travel signs with eTT and automatic Advisories with GDSX
Jul 2007 TravelPlus Whitecourt Travel, signs with eTT
Jul 2007 10 of Travel Weekly's Top 50 now subscribe to e-Travel Advisories services
Jul 2007 CarlsonWagonlit Stewart Travel, signs with eTT
Apr 2007 Don Churchill, President of eTT chairs "Best Practices in Travel Risk Management" session at ACTE Executive Forum in Toronto
Mar 2007 e-Travel Technologies launches re-engineered Advisories web site
Mar 2007 Uniglobe Pacific Travel signs with eTT and automatic Advisories with GDSX
Dec 2007 Hamilton, Miller, Hudson & Fayne Travel Mgmt Corp signs with eTT
Oct 2006 AutoAgent, a Division of Total Travel Consulting to provide real time interface to insert Travel Advisories into their (agency) subscriber's itineraries. We are delighted to add e-Travel Advisories as a feature within AutoAgent as it gives the smaller agencies the ability to provide their clients with state-of-the-art technology for QC/Fulfillment and Advisories at a controllable price.” John Crawford, CEO Total Travel Consulting
Oct 2006 Creative Group, WI, TravelTime Services, TN, The Total Traveler, Uniglobe Bravo, AB, and Uniglobe Phillips, BC, sign with eTT 
Sep 2006 Cornerstone announces interface to eTravel Advisories for iBank users to automatically email an Advisory to their travelers  "We are pleased to work with industry leaders such as eTT to provide such an important link in the safety of the traveling public" Mat Orrego,President of Cornerstone
Sep 2006 Alferdows Travel, Thang Long Travel, and Corporate Travel Management sign with eTT 
Aug 2006 Uniglobe Direct, Centennial College Travel program sign with eTT 
Aug 2006 eTT Signs Distribution Agreement with Sabre Travel Network 
Dec 2006 Gateway Travel Management signs with eTT and automatic Advisories with GDSX
Dec 2006 Life's a Trip Inc signs with eTT 
Dec 2006

Don Churchill, President of eTT, presentation "Traveler Safety and Security, 2006 and Beyond" as keynote speaker at ABC Corporate Services Global Connect conference in Orlando.